Menopause Relief 365 users are reporting the following AMAZING results in as little as two weeks:
  • Reduces Hot Flashes:  Women love Menopause Relief 365 for decreasing both the number and severity of daily hot flashes. We often hear stories of hot flashes that would "never-go away" suddenly becoming less and less using our all-natural formula.
  • Reduces Mood Swings: When you go through menopause, your estrogen drops and you may experience mood swings. We've added an important ingredient that helps reduce the effects of stress of aging.
  • Minimizes Excessive Sweating: With decreasing both the number and severity of daily hot flashes and natural by product is a reduction in excessive sweating.
  • Improved Sleep: Our natural ingredients have been shown to improve sleep, likely because of their stress and anxiety lowering capabilities.
  • ​Breast Pain Relief: Menopause Relief 365 is packed with a natural inflammatory to help reduce PMS and breast tenderness
"I am a 53 year old female going thru the beginning stages of menopause. I have been using first time and found it very helpful for my symptoms of night sweats, trouble sleeping and unclear thinking. It took about 7-10 days for it to kick in and the product has helped a lot. A very satisfied and pleasantly surprised customer."
- Angie L. (Scottsdale, AZ)

"I have been taking Menopause Relief 365 for at least two months now and do not want to be without it. I recently turned 47 and have been experiencing hot flashes (sometimes one or two an hour) and realized that I needed to do something. I am happy to say that after several weeks on Menopause Relief 365 I do not experience any hot flashes or any temperature issues anymore! I really feel great and am happy that I have discovered this great product."
- Laura K. (Palm Beach, FL)

"I have been taking 2 pills daily for about five weeks now. I have seen improvement with fewer hot flashes and lessened duration of them. Menopause Relief 365 has helped me tremendously. I will continue to buy this, because it works so well."
-Marie T. (Portland, OR)
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